The residual pressure monitoring system in intelligent fire fighting is of great use

            Along with the development of the 5Gand artificial intelligence, more and more fields in into hightech products constantly, and these hightech products to help people in the intelligence of in different areas, compared with the previous traditional fire areas, into the intelligent fire areas can meet more people in the safety of the construction of fire control.

The application of intelligent fire protection technology, first, can carry out effective prevention and control in the early stage of fire, to protect property and personal safety; Second, after the inevitable occurrence of fire, the site efficient rescue instead of manual, to reduce casualties.

  Residual pressure monitoring system, also known as residual pressure measurement and control system, differential pressure measurement and control system, or intelligent residual pressure monitoring system, is a systematic monitoring device used to adjust the residual pressure value of fire fighting front room or stairwell in the positive pressure supply air system of highrise buildings, and is a particularly important part in the field of intelligent fire fighting.

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